ProstoKSI – is a team of well-coordinated developers. We love to write good code for good people and we write it on different programming languages. And also we love GNU/Linux.

Now we write good code on code Python and good C/C++. That's because we write it for different applications, like Web and Desktop.

History? We loved to write code when we were in school, where we got a lot of good useful experience of solving algorithmic tasks, usage of different programming languages and etc.

More? For Web we write using Django (Python-web framework), and this requires not just master Python, but also HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We almost always write code for our own satisfaction, so we may cut some corners (like not supporting IE 6).

We love Open Source and actively participating in it to make world a better place. You can find links to personal github profiles in Contacts section or in OpenSource page a links to overall ProstoKSI projects. We are helping projects like Python, KDE, Android-x86.